Terms of Service

How do I commission Shido?

Clients can email me via ShidoDrw@gmail.com or private messages on my other contacts. When a commission form is submitted I will email clients to discuss the commission further.

Regardless where, it is recommended that clients have their ideas written with details and clear to understand language. Make sure to attach references in the same email/message if necessary.

When a commission is accepted all clients will be asked to pay full price up front, I will communicate with said clients and show them a rough sketch of the product. If satisfied the finished product will be delivered (via emails/private messages) when done.

Payment Method: PayPal

What happens to my commission?

For commissioning me (ShidoDraws) clients have accepted that they are willing to wait for as long as it takes for me to finish a commission. Daily updates are not available however updates will definitely be there whenever possible.

Every non-commercial use commission I work on will have my handwritten signature on it. Any commissioned piece, commercial use or personal use, will NOT be used as examples my prices.

Can I use my commission for Commercial Use?

If you're looking to use what you have commissioned from me for commercial use, you can contact me via email ShidoDrw@gmail.com so we can discuss terms.

Can I refund my commission?

There will be no refunds after clients has agreed to receive the final product after the sketch phase.

Can I commission an artwork to mint (for NFTs)?

I, ShidoDraws, do not wish to support NFTs therefore commissioning a piece for it will be rejected immediately.