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ShidoDraws - BIO

I am Shido, a 23 years old digital artist who creates illustrations and portraits, of my favorite anime characters and have created several of my own original characters. 

Growing up as a kid I enjoy watching 3D animated movies made by Pixar, Walt Disney, DreamWorks, Illumination Entertainment, etc. As a kid I also enjoy watching anime (Japanese animated TV shows) made by Ghibli Studios, Toei Animation, Kyoto Animation, A-1 Pictures, etc.

Manga (Japanese comics) are one of my favorite books to read and yes, they are a form of literature as well. I've always admire the illustration tactics of angles of faces and expressions. It is where I then became inspired to draw fan arts and soon my own original characters. My journey had just begun as I still hope to improve, make sense of my work and better my understanding of other's works of art. I hope to be a professional comic artist someday as I am still working towards achieving that goal. 

I sometimes make commentary speed-paint videos on YouTube as well, nothing too personal there.

 Updated - March 31st, 2024